Rush - Polarized EP Mirror Sunglasses

Matte Black Polarized EP Blue Mirror Lenses


The Rush is the updated version of our popular Ames style. Proudly Assembled in the USA, the Rush frame is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Strong and durable, we took the feedback from our Ames style and the Rush is has been redesigned to give an even comfortable fit for the wearer, with even better optical quality! As always, the Rush has impact resistant polycarbonate lenses, which are optically correct, crafted out of optical grade polycarbonate to provide crisp and clear vision for our wearers. Our lenses are also incorporated with the industry leading polarization technology that eliminates glare and enhances visual acuity. Unlike other polarized sunglass brands that utilize polarized coatings on the lens, our products are manufactured by encapsulating the polarization film within the lens to ensure superior durability and lifespan of the polarization efficiency of our lens. Proudly assembled in the USA!


Our lenses provide optically correct vision, ensuring 100% clear views. Normally, light is distorted when it goes through lenses. We fixed this by adjusting the lens thickness, so now you’ll have no issue spotting fish clearly.


We use the best polar technology on the planet, ensuring optimum performance and superb sun protection. Our lenses are all polarized to provide users with enhanced vision through the elimination of unwanted and harmful glare.


Made from polycarbonate, these lenses are shatter-proof to protect your eyes from potential danger. These sunglasses will keep your eyes safe while you’re out on the water so you can direct your focus to what’s important; fishing.


These lenses feature a hydrophobic coating which is scratch resistant and repels water, oil, and sweat, keeping vision through the lens pristine with eaiser cleaning. This coating is another part of what makes these lenses high-quality, which will keep your eyes safe.


Most sunglasses don’t block all harmful UV rays from entering your eye, causing damage. This material is made to only allow safe sun rays so that you can enjoy your time out on the water to the fullest. 


●Microfiber Pouch