How do I get certified Filthy?

The million dollar question.  You want to be Certified Filthy we know, but how do you become an officially certified filthy member you ask?  Simply find us on instagram, facebook or twitter @filthyanglers and send us a message directly or use #filthyanglers. Those that are not on social media, simply send an email to getfilthy@filthyangers.com We get a large number of submissions each day, so be persistent and continue to send in your filthiest catches.  Another great way to get posted/featured is to show your support in our gear, or being apart of Team Filthy (not required to be posted.) Your time will come and soon you will be a certified Filthy Angler!

Stay Filthy My Friends,

The Filthy Angler



Do you have a pro staff?  How do I get on your pro staff?

We are currently in the process of reviewing applications for our Pro Staff team.  Please note: It is highly recommended that you start first on our "Team".  For information on joining our Team please contact us at getfilthy@filthyanglers.com for details.

Do you sponsor?

How do I get free stuff- stickers etc?

Do you do donations for charities or events?

Please visit our Donation Request page for more information: https://filthyanglers.com/pages/donations

Want to know about special promotions? Cool event? New products?

Join the Filthy Anglers Community by registering with us and will be eligible to receive email updates and special announcements.

What forms of payment do you accept? Do I have to pay sales tax?

The follow forms of payments methods are accepted:

  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • Debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • Prepaid gift cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (entered in the credit/debit field during the checkout)

We collect sales tax in California and Arizona, where we have physical offices.

How do I track my shipment or check the status of my order?

During standard business days (M-F) all of our orders are received and processed within 1 business day of payment. If your order was placed on Friday after 2:00pm PST, the order will be processed the following business day (Monday.) You will receive an e-mail confirmation once your order has been received. Prior to checking out, you will see several estimated arrival dates, depending on the type of shipping you select. We are able to ship most packages within 1 day of payment. Unfortunately, an occasional package does get delayed or misplaced in transit. So if you have placed an order made a payment and have not received any confirmation please reach out to our customer service via email and we will get things straightened out!

Why choose a different color? How will a mirror coating change what I see?

Filthy Anglers offers a wide range of choices. Most of our lenses are a grey or bronze base.

  • Grey lenses are dark enough to hide the wearer’s eye but still offer the truest color.
  • A Brown/bronze base offs coverage but enhances colors.
  • In low light conditions (overcast) lens color such as rose will offer better sight.
  • Our mirrored lenses are best for the brightest conditions and depending on the color coating can also help to enhance colors and tint.

What color is the tint of the lenses when looking through them? Our lenses have either a grey or brown base lens with a colored Mirror coating. Depending on the color of the mirror coating, the color while looking through the lenses will be slightly different. For example, when looking through a lens with blue or green mirror coating, the lens will have a warmer tint. Lenses that feature a red or gold mirror coatings will have a slightly cooler tint. Lenses with a silver mirror coating will have a gray tint. Lenses without the mirror coating will be the same tint as the color of the lens- example: Brown lens with no mirror coating will have a brown tint when looking through them.



Good for


Gray Polarized Lens

Neutral color

Everyday, bright conditions


Brown Polarized Lens

Enhance contrast

Low light, everyday, driving


Brown Polarized with Green Mirror

High contrast

Low light, shallow water, everyday


Brown Polarized w/ Sunburst Mirror


Bright light, everyday


Blue mirror


Open reflective water