All of our Filthy sunglasses are injected, optically correct, polarized lenses made from 100% pure polycarbonate that provide 100% UV protection from the sun.  Lenses are one solid piece. 

Safety first! - Polycarbonate lenses do not shatter like glass. This is a key point to fisherman because they almost always fish in pairs, so Lures/sinkers can become weapons while casting in close proximity. 



Our lenses provide optically correct vision so you see with 100% accuracy through the lens. When light passes through any material (ie- lens) it changes course and becomes distorted. We correct this by adjusting the lens thickness in relationship to the eye. This ensures you see those fish accurately and without any visual discomfort such as headaches or eye strain. 



We use the BEST POLAR TECHNOLOGY on the planet, ensuring optimum performance and superb sun protection. Sourced from the pioneers of polycarbonate polarized film, our lenses are all polarized to provide users with enhanced visual clarity through the elimination of unwanted and harmful glare.


Glare is caused by light reflecting off horizontal sources like water and asphalt, which leads to eye fatigue, decreased depth perception and visual acuity. Filthy Anglers lenses block 99.9% of the horizontal glare allowing you to keep fishing and stay in the action.




Great for all bright conditions and provides natural color perception.

Great for: Ocean, Everyday

VLT- 12%


Enhances contrast  during low light and in general a great everyday lens. Perfect for shallow water fishing, allowing you to see the bottom

Great for: In-shore, Freshwater, Everyday

VLT- 16%

Green mirror lens

Brown with Green Mirror

Green Mirror on a brown base lens is great for low light conditions especially where enhanced contrast is needed. Great for sight fishing and in the flats.  Also perfect for early mornings where increased contrast is needed

Great for: Shallow water fishing

VLT- 23%

Amber with Sunburst/Red Mirror

Amber lenses are helpful in low light situations and help filter light to prevent eye strain.

Great for: sailing, early morning and evening fishing, and other distance activities

VLT- 13%



Our lenses have a hydrophobic coating which is scratch resistant and repels water, oil and sweat from staying on the lens for easier cleaning, ensuring crystal clear vision to keep you fishing!

Water beads up and rolls off lens easily

Lens on left does not have hydrophobic lens coating.


Virtually unbreakable nylon which is lightweight and flexible while being extremely durable. Frame will not stretch or become misshaped after being in the hot sun or months of use.


Double injection is a process of injecting two different plastic materials into a mold to create a more powerful molecular bond by fusing hard and soft materials together. This creates a sustainable and sturdy material made to withstand everyday wear and tear.