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  Line Cutterz (As Seen on Shark Tank) is an adjustable ring worn on a finger that cuts monofilament and braided fishing line, designed for all types of fishing. A staple in any Filthy Anglers tacklebox/finger.  



Buying your fishing tackle online from us couldn’t be simpler, but here’s the details just in case. First, pick which box you want. We currently offer bass and inshore saltwater plans as well as panfishing! The next step is deciding which monthly setup you want. We offer our fishing tackle in installments of month-to-month, three months, six months or twelve months. Keep in mind that you get a discount by ordering a multiple months package, so it pays to take the plunge! Once all the choosing is done, we’ll ship it your way for free on the 10th day of every month. Live outside the States? A small shipping fee of $5 will be applied to your box. Feel free to cancel your subscription at any time. No catch (pun intended) and no hidden language. We’re sure you’ll want to stick around, though. Get shopping, and get back on the water


Doomsday Tackle Co. was started in 2015 with just one shape and big dreams. Finding the fishing market unique and different, Will Stewart was brought in from the Japanese and Korean Domestic Markets, to turn a product into a brand. After designing a full line of soft plastics, Doomsday Tackle Co. rebranded and launched their DTCo line of soft plastic baits in March of 2016. Due to the success of the DTCo line of soft plastics Doomsday has grown into one of the fastest growing tackle companies in the industry. Doomsday Tackle Co. is known for 3 things; Design, Quality and Functionality.

Today's active lifestyles put a premium on convenience and quality. Customers, educated about the dangers of overexposure to the sun and the hazards of insect-borne disease, demand products proven to be safe and effective. Sunsect® sunscreen/insect repellent exceeds those needs. It outperforms competitors with patented proprietary formulas, and dermatologists often recommend our product by name.