Tahoe Sunglass - Polarized EP Mirror

Lifestyle glasses inspired by a day on the lake, our Tahoe sunglasses encompass the look of sport but feel lightweight and comfortable.

Why settle for mirrored sunglasses that quickly lose their glare-blocking properties? Your Tahoe sports & fishing glasses keeprepelling glare & UV rays, even after years of use.

It All Starts with Our Exclusive EP Mirror(TM) Technology

With most polarized sunglasses, the anti-glare mirror is simply coated onto the lens surface. Unfortunately, this exterior coating can fade, scratch & wear away. (It even rubs off when you clean your lenses.)

Tahoe sports glasses are different. Our glare-blocking polarized mirror is seamlessly sealed inside – right in the middle of the lens – so it will never fade or degrade.

Your Tahoe Unisex Sunglasses Also Offer:

  • Super-strong (yet lightweight) polycarbonate lenses – won't break like glass or inferior plastic
  • Premium one-piece lens construction for ultimate durability
  • Hydrophobic lens surface that repels oil & water, so you can keep fishing in rough conditions
  • Virtually unbreakable nylon frames that feel light & fit gently without pinching
  • Stylish vintage design, ideal for both men & women
  • Superior sun protection – shields you from 100% of UV rays

With their shatterproof lenses & fade-proof mirrors, your Tahoe anti-glare sunglasses help you see clearly time after time. Perfect for fresh- and salt-water fishing & other outdoor water sports

Lens Color
Matte Black/Polarized EP Green Mirror
Matte Black/Polarized EP Blue Mirror