Tenkiller Floating Polarized Sunglasses

Matte Black/Smoked Polarized
Matte Black/Polarized w/ Blue Mirror
Matte Black/Brown Polarized w/ Green Mirror
Matte Grey/Smoked Polarized
Matte Grey/Polarized w/ Red Mirror

Introducing Filthy Anglers Floating Sunglasses Line. Lightweight polycarbonate lenses and nylon frame allow the sunglasses to be virtually unsinkable in water! Our floatables have the same optical and tough quality you expect from Filthy anglers sunglasses with the added sinking protection. By the poolside, fishing out on the lake or on the sea, these sunglasses will not sink and are perfect for easy retrieval. No more worrying about losing your sunglasses on the water again.


Safety – Polycarbonate lenses do not shatter like glass. This is a key point to fisherman because they almost always fish in pairs. Lures/sinkers can become weapons while casting in close proximity.
Unrivaled Polar Technology – We use the best polar technology on the planet, ensuring optimum performance and superb sun protection.
Hydro/Oleo Phobic – Lens coating that is scratch-resistant and smudge-free, repels water, oil and sweat for easier cleaning.”