Superior Polarized Sunglasses

Black Frame/Brown Polarized w/ Green Mirror
Black Frame/Polarized w/ Sunburst Mirror
Black Frame/Polarized w/ Gold Mirror
Clear Frame/Smoked Polarized w/ Silver Mirror

Stylish enough for the everyday, durable enough for life on the water.

Made from TR90 Grilamid in the USA, the Superior frame is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Strong and durable, the Superior is designed and engineered to give a sturdy and comfortable fit for the wearer.

Fitted with impact resistant polycarbonate lens, the Superior provides unmatched protection for your eyes. Crafted out of optical grade polycarbonate, our dual curved lenses provide crisp and clear vision for our wearers. Our lenses are also incorporated with the industry leading polarization technology that eliminates glare and enhances visual acuity. Unlike other polarized sunglass brands that utilize polarized coatings on the lens, our products are manufactured by encapsulating the polarization film within the lens to ensure superior durability and lifespan of the polarization efficiency of our lens. 

Includes a microfiber pouch for storage and doubles as a cleaning cloth.

Made in the USA!